Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hoatzin Sketch

Sketched this up really quickly this evening.  It's a hoatzin (pronounced "watson").  I saw a whole tree full of these when I was in Ecuador in 2006.  It was like seeing a tree full of 80s punk rockers.

I started this out at exactly the wrong dimensions and resolution, so that's why it kind of looks like a black velvet painting.  Better luck next time.

Christopher Lloyd Caricature

This is a caricature I did of Christopher Lloyd for an caricature contest I found online.  I figured that a Back to the Future caricature would be fun considering they were just celebrating the 25th anniversary in 2010.  That and I've been wanting to redeem myself for a poor caricature I did of Lloyd a few years ago.

And now for a couple of progress pictures!


Ray Fillet

Another of my Ninja Turtles Redesigns.  I'm adding this to my TMNT page with a description, but I'm also going to post them on the main page as they are finished.