Thursday, May 24, 2012


A mullet sporting a mullet.  Yay for double meanings!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Run Indy! Run!

Steel yourselves for the scariest statement of the year: "George Lucas is writing another Indiana Jones movie!"

Once upon a time that statement would have filled me with an incomprehensible elation, now I'm just heartbroken.  For the last fifteen minutes I've been trying to come up with a stupid MacGuffin (as in, "What's Indy going to try to find next, a ______!?!"), but nothing is more ridiculous than a crystal alien skull.

  • Indiana Jones and the Valley of the Unicorns.
  • Indiana Jones and the Golden Pok√© Ball.
  • Indiana Jones and the Malignant Mole Cluster. 
  • Indiana Jones and the Firing Missile Jetback Boba Fett Action Figure

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Noghri: Rukh

Click on the image for a bigger version.
With seven years between myself and the Revenge of the Sith, I feel like I am finally starting to heal.  I am ready to love Star Wars again.  So long as I avoid any reference to Anakin Skywalker, the Clone Wars, or Jar-Jar, I have been enjoying revisiting some of my old Star Wars comics and even watched the "Holy Trilogy" again about a month ago.

One thing I've recently recalled is how disappointing I have found most Noghri designs (especially my own!).  Not only do I find the Noghri designs lacking, but there is a surprising lack of respect for Rukh, the most bad-ass of the species.  So my goals here are two-fold: redesign the Noghri based on my own aesthetic, and finally give Rukh some fanart love.

Considering the amazing Noghri sense of smell, I thought that the primary feature on their face should be their sinuses.  I wanted the head crest to tie into the nostrils, as if they had an extra sensory function.  I also wanted the design to be inhumanly compact and stout.  Finally, for Rukh, I wanted his uniform to look a bit like it was pieced together from random bits of imperial armour and uniforms (not so much like a barbarian like I've seen in other versions).  I also gave him a BFG and traditional looking knife (all the better to stab Thrawn with).

Actually, to be honest, I did enjoy the way that Vatine drew the Noghri in the Heir to the Empire comics, but it didn't really gel with the descriptions of them from the books.

I'm also including my initial sketch where I tried to figure out the Noghri anatomy a bit -

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jabba's Palace: Ephant Mon

I have always really enjoyed the monster designs from the original Star Wars series.  There's something about all of the bulky latex costumes that entertains me to no end. They look like they would make the funnest Halloween costumes!  I've recently discovered that they are really fun to draw as well.  

This one is Ephant Mon.  If you look REALLY close in the background of Jabba's palace in Return of the Jedi you can see him lurking in the shadows. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lush Beard Frame

When I'm doodling during lectures, it's about the closest I come to stream of conscious writing.

Crazy Shane

My entry to the Caricaturama 3000 contest that has been on for the last couple of weeks.   The challenges have become bi-weekly.  This time around we had a fortnight to draw any of the main characters from The Walking Dead television series.

It was a totally serendipitous challenge because about a month ago I took a screenshot of Shane (Jon Bernthal) looking insane, and I've been wanting to draw it.