Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Digital Sketches

Lately I’ve been playing with doing sketches in Photoshop without drawing them out on paper first.  It’s actually a bit freeing for me because I’m not so precious with the drawings as I am when they are on paper.  Yes – I am so cheap that I don’t even like wasting sketchbook paper on bad sketches (hopefully these aren’t that bad though).

I started out doing a few figure drawings of women because, frankly, I’m not very good at drawing women-

Figure skaterCadmium Compagnie 01Crouching Dancer


Dancer                  Hand

Then I did a couple of animal sketches – because they are fun-

Lion                Raven

A Rodin sculpture and Dirty Harry (strangely, these seem somewhat related)-

Rodin                         Dirty Harry

(Click on any of the images for larger versions)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

There Can Be Only One

(Click on the image for a bigger version)

My response to the new Harley Quinn reboot design that DC released.

I am not impressed.  Part of what makes Harley Quinn so fun is the fact that she hasn't been overly sexualized like so many other comic book villainesses (unless you're looking her up on deviantart or playing Arkham Asylum).  She has a bit of a childish manic evil to her that is really fun.  This new version just looks like a goth anime hooker. I'm pretty sure the costume is part of a licensing agreement with Hot Topic.

Just to prove what an aging nerd I am, I decided to throw a Highlander reference in there too.  Enjoy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Evening Caricature Challenge Part 1

The last week or so Anna and I have been doing caricature challenges where we post a number of pictures of an actor on our living room television screen, and then take 20 minutes to capture the person’s likeness. 
Here are a few from the last couple of nights (I’ve omitted the really bad ones)-
Alan Ruck      Benicio Del Toro      Wanda Sykes
Alan Ruck                                   Benicio Del Toro                                    Wanda Sykes
Minnie DriverRachel Dratch
Minnie Driver                                    Rachel Dratch (from SNL)
(Click on the image for larger versions!)
I’m definitely going to have to add color to that Benicio Del Toro caricature.  I quite like how that turned out.

Walking the Dog

(Click on the image for a larger version)

This is an idea that I've had floating around in my head for quite a while now.  It has gone through a number of incarnations in the last half of a decade.  I drew out the first version clear back in 2006 and started coloring it in Flash before I realized that it looked like crap.

And here is that crappy version from clear back in 2006 - 


Lady Caricatures

Lately I've been working on capturing the likenesses of women.  Typically I'm pretty dreadful at drawing women.  Women are difficult!  It's a balance between drawing enough lines to make the woman recognizable, but not enough to make them look old and wrinkled.  Here are a few that I added color to:

                                         Amy Poehler                                              Drew Barrymore

                                   Emma Thompson                                        Maggie Gyllenhaal

Helena Bonham Carter

(Click on the pictures for larger versions!)