Saturday, December 4, 2010

RIP Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen: 1926-2010

When I was in middle school the Naked Gun movies were my absolute favorites.  Even though I didn't even understand half of the innuendo in the movie ("Niiiice beaver") I freakin' loved the series.  It was a real bummer to hear about Nielsen's recent death, so I thought it would be nice to do a tribute to him.

I originally did this for a caricature contest that I found online, but realized that this is more of a cartoon than a caricature.  Not to mention there were set dimensions for the drawing (which I wasn't even close to).  I'm glad I did the illustration anyway though, because I was always a big fan of Nielsen's work.

This is what the pencil drawing originally looked like of his face.  It gives a nice idea of the amount of tweaking that I do once I've scanned the sketches into the computer.

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