Saturday, June 18, 2011

Evening Caricature Challenge Part 1

The last week or so Anna and I have been doing caricature challenges where we post a number of pictures of an actor on our living room television screen, and then take 20 minutes to capture the person’s likeness. 
Here are a few from the last couple of nights (I’ve omitted the really bad ones)-
Alan Ruck      Benicio Del Toro      Wanda Sykes
Alan Ruck                                   Benicio Del Toro                                    Wanda Sykes
Minnie DriverRachel Dratch
Minnie Driver                                    Rachel Dratch (from SNL)
(Click on the image for larger versions!)
I’m definitely going to have to add color to that Benicio Del Toro caricature.  I quite like how that turned out.

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