Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Run Indy! Run!

Steel yourselves for the scariest statement of the year: "George Lucas is writing another Indiana Jones movie!"

Once upon a time that statement would have filled me with an incomprehensible elation, now I'm just heartbroken.  For the last fifteen minutes I've been trying to come up with a stupid MacGuffin (as in, "What's Indy going to try to find next, a ______!?!"), but nothing is more ridiculous than a crystal alien skull.

  • Indiana Jones and the Valley of the Unicorns.
  • Indiana Jones and the Golden Pok√© Ball.
  • Indiana Jones and the Malignant Mole Cluster. 
  • Indiana Jones and the Firing Missile Jetback Boba Fett Action Figure


  1. Oh, let me try!
    Indiana Jones and the Telepathic Tadpole
    Indiana Jones and the Moon Man of the Amazon

    Hmm, this will take further thought. That is quite a great George Lucas caricature!

    1. haha. I like the Telepathic Tadpole. Wasn't Crystal Skull already a bit like the Moon Men of the Amazon? Funny.