Saturday, November 12, 2011

Babelfish Panda Cards

This series requires a bit of backstory. 

My in-laws are from Korea, and don’t typically speak English.  When they write to me it is usually in Korean.  I assume this is to motivate me to learn a bit more of the language.  Currently my grasp of the Korean language pretty much only involves names of food, and how to say “Hello” and “Thanks”, so I either have to get my wife to translate, or sometimes I’ll use online translation programs.  The translations from Babelfish are my favorite.  They are so abstract and bizarre sometimes it’s almost poetic.  Poetic, but total nonsense.  We thought it would be funny to do a series of greeting cards with these direct “quotes” from Babelfish.


Panda Card Panda Card 2 Panda Card 3

(Click on any of the cards for a larger image)

Anyone think I’ll be getting job offers from Hallmark?

PS.  Just to be totally clear, this is me making fun of Babelfish.  Definitely not mocking the in-laws.


  1. Oh man. Online translators can really be a source of amusement! Love the idea, and the postcards look great too - the middle one is my favorite :)