Thursday, April 19, 2012

Solomon Grundy

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"Re-born on a Monday"

This is my version of Solomon Grundy from the DC comic universe.

In the comics Grundy was a man who was murdered in the late 1800s and his body was dumped in a swamp.  Years later was reanimated as a zombie, and his corpse was filled with all of the matter from the swamp.

For my version of Grundy I thought it would look cool to have him from the prohibition era (a mob killing), partially because clothes from that era are more fun to draw.  His body was  dumped off of a highway into a culvert, making his reanimation a bit more disgusting.  Then through some sort of bizarre circumstances he is brought back to life.  I also wanted to make the swamp matter in his body a bit more obvious.  Like all of the mud, vines, briars, etc. are filling, stretching and ripping his dead body.

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