Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Disclaimer: The above image is the work of the beautiful and talented Anna Barrett
My lovely wife Anna spent a good portion of March creating a beautiful new joint web-site to display our art and illustrations.  Come on by and pay us a visit!  Unlike a real theater we don't charge admission, and you won't stick to the floors.


  1. Your beautiful new site is very inspiring. Mine is desperately out of date-- it physically pains me to go there now. May I ask how you developed the site? I can't decide whether to go with Wordpress or Dreamweaver when I redesign. (I'm not very techy, in case that isn't obvious!)

    1. Thanks! All credit goes to my wife though. She did all of the work on it (aside from a few unsolicited suggestions by me). I think she used Dreamweaver to make the site, but I really don't know any of the specifics. I just know that it drove her a little crazy.