Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney, Man of the People

This is my response to Mitt Romney's latest comments wherein he stated (erroneously) that 47% of Americans have a victim mentality and expect a hand out from the government, and that all of those entitled voters support the Democratic party.

First of all: perhaps it seems a bit callus to attack people who don't pay federal income tax as "believing they are victims", when 75-90 percent of those receiving federal entitlements are the elderly, seriously disabled, or the working poor?  Maybe that seems a bit dickish?  Well, Romney stands by his statement.  He says he was highlighting the differences between those who would vote for Obama, and those who would vote Republican.  

But even that statement is inaccurate.  The states paying the lowest federal income taxes overwhelmingly vote Republican, while those paying the highest rates of federal income taxes vote for Democrats.  This all made the news months ago.  Not to mention, most of the people getting those tax breaks are elderly, who also generally support the Republicans.  He's spitting insults at his core voters.

Every interview and quote I hear from Romney makes him seem progressively more insular and incapable of empathy. Is this really the best that the GOP can offer?

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