Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Contenders

The last couple of days I've been drawing caricatures of the current presidential contenders.  I've just been doing it for fun to relax between reading scientific journals.  Yesterday while I was working on Gingrich's face my wife looked at it and said, "He looks like Krang."  After that statement there was only one thing to do- stick him in the robotic Krang body from the animated series.

Here's my caricatures of Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul as well.  I also included some quotes from the candidates - just for fun.


  1. The caricatures are really great, and I think you've picked a perfect quote to represent each one. Through no fault of your own, it makes me mildly nauseous to look at them. I mean, I'm perfectly aware that Obama is no kinda perfect, but these guys, just wow. Gonna leave it there before I get more depressed. Love the art, though. ;D

  2. Thanks! Finding a good quote for Ron Paul was actually a bit difficult. I agree with some of that guy's ideas, but he's so heartless it makes me uncomfortable.

    The Santorum quote cracks me up. It can definitely have a double meaning. Perhaps a little autobiographical for him?