Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lamar S. Smith

This illustration is a bit of political venting.

A lot of people were really upset about Congress in general for threatening to pass the SOPA bill, but I don't think enough ire was directed at the chief sponsor of the bill - Lamar Smith of Texas's 21st Congressional District. Why a congressman from San Antonio has ANYTHING to do with the internet piracy is beyond me (none of the big movie/music production companies fall under his constituency from what I can tell). Could it have something to do with the fact that media companies were his largest campaign contributors?  

The really frustrating thing is that, since I don't live in Texas, I have no say in whether this guy stays in the House. And he's up for re-election this November. It's all up to the people of San Antonio, Austin or Texas Hill Country to boot this guy out... *hint hint!*

I originally drew this during the height of the SOPA controversy, but haven't had the opportunity to finish it until now. I was afraid that this picture would no longer be topical, but it looks like ole' Smith is at it again.

I thought this story was pretty funny too - though a bit petty.

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