Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rhino Hunting

Some more venting, but this time about animal conservation news.  

After reading the news about rhino poaching this year I was fantasizing about what would happen if poachers tried to steal the horn from the Rhino character from Marvel comics.

I'm quite into animal conservation, and 2011 was a real bummer for wild rhinos. The rate of rhino poaching was about 35 times higher last year than four years ago, and 54 have already been killed this year (about one a day). Not to mention that the Javan rhino was recently declared extinct in Vietnam (poachers got the last one).

I have nothing but loathing for people that buy rhino horn or poach rhinos.  Consuming rhino horn is basically the same thing as eating your fingernails!

I think this guy is really on to something!

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