Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry.  The Twitter king. 

Recently Mr. Fry made national news here in New Zealand for some comments he made on Twitter about the country's broadband. Basically he said that the broadband  in New Zealand is shameful, and consumers should demand better service.  I cannot agree more!  

I hate being "that person" - the one that moves to a foreign country, and then complains about how different it is from home - but compared to the United States, the internet here is horrid.  Not only is it overpriced, but there are also absurdly low monthly data caps.  I thought that broadband data caps were a thing of the past!  I'm paying three times what I was in Nowhere, Oregon for a slower connection and a data cap that makes me second guess every YouTube video I watch.  A few days ago my Windows automatically updated itself, and it used a sixth of our monthly limit.

And how did New Zealand respond to Fry addressing a very real issue?  With overwhelming derision.  The evening news even portrayed Fry as some sort of moron for going over the data cap.  

Anyway, I drew this as a bit of solidarity behind Fry.

I also drew this because I've recently discovered Qi.  I love that show! 

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